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Mark Henkel


for the National Polygamy Rights Movement for Consenting Adults

Mark Henkel  

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Changing the course
of history,
Mark Henkel,
is the National Expert for both Media &
Speaking Engagements.

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Professional Speaker

Mark Henkel
is the human resource and expert for the
National Polygamy Rights Movement for Consenting Adults.

The Public Speaker ONE SHEET for the
National Polygamy Advocate - Mark Henkel

is now available online!

Check This Out! Mark Henkel has presented dozens of different speeches on polygamy before numerous non-polygamous audiences. These presentations consistently display his intensity, enthusiasm, intellectualism, charm, passion, and authoritative knowledge about polygamy. Mark Henkel brings a very special, unique, and thoroughly entertaining style as he educates, persuades, and even inspires audiences to consider his proposed "Polygamy Rights WIN-WIN Solution" to end the marriage debate once and for all.

In the same way that the first ten videos of "Season One" successfully demonstrate Mark's Henkel's prowess as public speaker for polygamy, the next ten videos of "Season Two" each demonstrate likewise. As Mark Henkel boldly takes the political cause of the National Polygamy Rights Movement for Consenting Adults to various audiences, he is undoubtedly the most persuasive, proven, and professional public speaker on the topic of polygamy.

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Season TWO

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2012 May 02
2nd Speech Series Released for Polygamy Rights Movement
In early 2012, the second series of professional speeches was released for the National Polygamy Rights Movement for Consenting Adults, followed by an extra, special video on the third anniversary of a historic speech from 2009 presented at a political Public Hearing.

The Power of Attracting
Woman's Choice

My First & Legal Wife
is a Wonderful Woman

Gotta Make Them Happy
(Polygamy is NOT Easy for the Guy!)

We Always Opposed All Criminals

The "Mathematics of Polygamy"
is False

2 Professors' Opinions
NOT Based on Evidence

Supreme Court De-Criminalized
Free Speech
(on March 2, 2011)

The House of Cards of Anti-Polygamy

Irresistible Force & Immovable Object
(Solving the Marriage Control Conundrum)

History & Importance
of Love-Not-Force


Mr. Henkel originated the now-famous sound-bite,
  "'Polygamy rights' is the next civil rights battle."

NEWSWEEK quoted him as saying,
  "If Heather can have two mommies,
   why can't she have two mommies AND a daddy?"

On ABC's "20/20", Mr. Henkel told John Stossel,

"Someone like a Hugh Hefner will have a successful television show with three live-in girlfriends. And that's all okay. And he's making great money, and that's fine and great entertainment. But suddenly, if that man was to marry them, then suddenly he's a criminal. That's insane!"

Other famous sound-bites originated by Mark Henkel:
   "Anti-polygamy is the REAL 'slippery slope'
    that LED to same sex marriage."

   "No special rights for anyone. No special rights for homosexuals,
   and no special rights for those who
   choose 'one-man/one-woman.'"

  "The Polygamy Rights WIN-WIN Solution can finally end the marriage debate once and for all. Conservatives win with limited government. Liberals win with 'equal rights for all.'"