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Presenting Polygamy to the Public Since 1994
Mark Henkel is the established National Polygamy Advocate ™.
Mark Henkel is a history-changing iconoclast

Mark Henkel is a pro-marriage, pro-woman, pro-Bible Christian.

Because he is NOT Mormon, Muslim, or lascivious, he has been able to succeed where others could not. That is what catapulted him to the national stage to represent all forms of unrelated consenting adult polygamy - from Secular Polygamy, to Christian Polygamy, to Jewish Polygamy, to Muslim Polygamy, to Mormon Polygamy, and more.

Having performed so many interviews over the years with all forms of media, big and small, Mark Henkel is perfectly comfortable doing what he does, whether giving a speech at Yale or talking with famous TV hosts.


For the National Polygamy Rights Movement for Consenting Adults, Mark Henkel is the one and only proven and Professional...

  •   Public Speaker  
      Mark Henkel has presented many, many speeches before non-polygamous audiences. His dynamic, passionate, animated, and engaging style is persuasive, educational, and even entertaining. Be sure to download his Public Speaker's ONE SHEET. See: Watch videos section.
  •   Media Expert  
      For polygamy issues, Mark Henkel is the well-established expert for media interviews. He has given vast numbers of interviews with - and has been reported by - all forms of media. He has appeared in ABC, NBC, MSNBC, FOX Business, Newsweek, USA Today, The Washington Times, and many other print, radio, and TV media. A sample list of interviews/reports is available at the media list at the organization. See: Watch videos section.
  •   Advocate  
      Mark Henkel has consistently stepped up in public leadership for political activism, from being the sole national voice publicly educating the masses and the media that normal consenting adult polygamists oppose criminals to giving public testimony before a Legislative committee. See: Watch videos section.
  •   Writer  
      Mark Henkel has authored countless articles, op-eds, and special reports, from successfully laying down the argumentations that gave "birth" to the Christian Polygamy movement, to defining the overall polygamy movement's position of politically focusing on de-criminalization, to being the architect of the Polygamy Rights Win-Win Solution to end the marriage debate. See: Read writings section.

Truly, no one anywhere does or has done all that Mark Henkel does!


Mark Henkel makes history. He was even asked to give a keynote speech at Yale.

The speech "Shows WHY You WILL Vote YES to Repeal Anti-Polygamy Laws for Consenting Adults."

You may watch the free video trailer here. The keynote speech and more are available on DVD, so be sure to order your copy today!
See: DVD section here.

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BLOG of the National Polygamy Advocate ™


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Videos & Audios of a Professional
Mark Henkel is a Public Speaker, Media Expert, and Professional Advocate

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Public Speaker

When it comes to developing and presenting successully-persuasive speeches about polygamy, Mark Henkel is unmatched. Be sure to Download Mark Henkel's ONE SHEET.

image Numerous speeches, presented before non-polygamous audiences, are available online as persuasion-tools on the MarkHenkelPolygamy Youtube channel.

Undoubtedly and absolutely, no one presents a speech about polygamy like Mark Henkel does.

Be sure to see this historic speech too!

Media Expert

Mark Henkel has been interviewed by, and reported in, multitudes of media sources, including: ABC's 20/20, NBC's TODAY Show, FOX Business Network, MSNBC, CourtTV (TruTV), RT America, Newsweek, The Associated Press, USA Today, Washington Times, various print media outlets, and many radio programs.

Examples of many, many interviews and reports may also be seen online on the media directory.

A sample of TV interviews are available in a Youtube PlayList at the MarkHenkelPolygamy Youtube channel, labelled as "Others Displaying Media Appearances." Here are a couple other samples, too:

Should Government Control Marriage? - Stossel, FOX Business

Professional Advocate

Whenever a professional advocate has been needed, Mark Henkel has always provided essential national leadership. Whenever media falsely connected real criminals (from Tom Green to Warren Jeffs, etc.), Mark Henkel has always stepped up to accurately represent unrelated consenting adult polygamy. Watch a couple samples:

As the architect of the "Polygamy Rights Win-Win Solution" to end the marriage debate, Mark Henkel has also given public legal testimony on more than one occasion. Watch the example, from April 22, 2009, when he presented that win-win solution before an audience of 4,000 people and the legislative committee in Augusta, Maine, considering a same sex marriage law.


Writings of a Professional

BLOG of the National Polygamy Advocate ™


Mark Henkel is the leading professional Writer for polygamy rights. (See the
BLOG of the National Polygamy Advocate ™.

As reported in "The History of the Movement" by ChristianPolygamy.INFO in 2003, Mark Henkel has been writing articles to persuade the masses about polygamy since 1994.

In those first years in the 1990s, his writings were more focused on laying down the irrefutable and duplicatable argumentations for activists to use to prove that the Bible never prohibited polygamy whatsoever. From the original "Truth Tracts" and forward on to the organization he founded, another web-site,, later organized Mark Henkel's Biblical argumentations into a single online resource.

As the new decade of the 2000s came, the direction and focus of Mark Henkel's writings changed.

As his Love-Not-Force (from 1999) became the standard (not just for Christian Polygamy, but for all forms of unrelated consenting adult polygamy), Mark Henkel began getting media attention for this uncoercive, benevolent form of polygamy. In those days, the only times when most of the major media would ever report about something involving polygamy, it would involve real criminals. To protect normal pro-polygamists from being so mis-defined by such media, Mark Henkel's attention and writings became more directed toward both the news cycles and the specific politics of de-criminalizing unrelated consenting adult polygamy.

A long history of articles are available online.

The ™ media-distribution site's archive of Pro-Polygamy Articles ™ contains a number of Mark Henkel's personally-authored writings over the years. The following links are just a small sample of his work.

2001-07-12, Op-Ed (1200)
Polygamy: When You Think About It...

2005-04-05, Investigative Report (10000)
Schiavo Case Proves Marriage Amendment Leaders are Anti-Marriage

2008-03-13, Op-Ed (1000)
Kick Government Out of Marriage, Not Churches

2009-02-12, Special Report (7000)
Rick Warren's Mistake, "Forbidding to Marry" Re-Defines Marriage


Order your DVD today!

This DVD is a record of history being made!

"The Yale Political Union - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has given a speech there. Democrat Presidential Candidate John Kerry has given a speech there. Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum has given a speech there. From Dick Morris to Karl Rove, from Arianna Huffington to Ann Coulter, from Howard Dean to William F. Buckley Jr., numerous members of the political Elite have all given speeches at the Yale Political Union (YPU). And so has the National Polygamy Advocate, Mark Henkel. History has been made."

-- Quoted from, "National Polygamy Advocate's Speech at Yale, DVD Makes History," at the media-distribution site,

Being asked to give a keynote speech at Yale among the ranks of such elite Notable Guests, Mark Henkel has achieved a historic milestone for the National Polygamy Rights Movement for Consenting Adults.

As the free TRAILER of the Keynote Speech at Yale shows, Mark Henkel is the definitive professional public speaker for polygamy rights - even when an audience gets loud.

With all of this in mind, this DVD is truly a persuasive activist-tool to credibly persuade the public to allow freedom!

Whether pro-polygamist or anti-polygamist, this DVD...

..."Shows WHY You WILL Vote YES to

Repeal Anti-Polygamy Laws for Consenting Adults."

Contents of videos on the DVD:

  • Pictures at Yale (2:50)
  • Keynote Speech (28:43)
  • Q & A Session (10:14)
  • Concluding Appeal (5:43)
  • Credits (1:30)
  • Disclosure (1:27)



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BLOG of the National Polygamy Advocate ™


Mark Henkel

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